Review: Gary Numan: Android in La La Land


15Initial release: March 14, 2016
Directors: Steve Read, Rob Alexander
1Hr 25Mins

This film will appeal to all Gary Numan fans but, perhaps surprisingly, it will also appeal to music fans in general.

The film follows the musician Gary Numan during the gestation and making of his most recent album, Splinter. 4 years in the making it follows all stages in the creative process, from writing the songs, to production and then marketing the album (his most successful for 30 years!).

Along the way we meet his family, especially his wife Gemma. Some of the best scenes are the interplay and mild bickering between the two of them. Also documented is the move from rural England to LA (probably the least successful scenes of the film), where we learn something of Numan’s depression problems.

If you like the man and his music, you’ll enjoy this film but if you are interested in the creative process, or have a passing interest in the nitty gritty of people‚Äôs lives, you will also enjoy the film.

My viewing was enhanced by a Q&A with the directors. They are touring with the film and I urge you to see it at one of these screenings if you can.

Phil Wild